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Long Island Towing Owning a car is never a burden now with Long Island Towing services at your service. Long Island Towing services knows that you never know when you may have a flat tire or when you may need a battery boost.

This is why Long Island Towing offers 24 hour services, so that Long Island Towing company personnel are available at your beck and call. If you find that you have a flat tire, are in the middle of nowhere, and don’t have the tools to change the tire, don’t worry as Long Island Towing company will help you out.

Just a call to Long Island Towing is all that is required to have Long Island Towing company send over a mechanic to change your tires for you. Long Island Towing mechanics are really courteous, friendly and competent, making you happy for having decided to call Long Island Towing for your assistance.
Long Island Towing services also offers battery boost services if you find that your car breaks down while driving. Even if you are at home, and find that your car does not start, all you have to do is call Long Island Towing. Long Island Towing will then make arrangements to give your battery a boost, and have you moving in no time at all.

Long Island Towing is also famous as towing services in Long Island NY that offers emergency towing services. Even if a battery boost doesn’t help in starting your car, don’t fret as Long Island Towing will arrange to have your car towed away.    

To ensure there is no damage to your car during the tow, Long Island Towing uses flatbed towing trucks for towing vehicles. These flatbed Long Island Towing trucks use hydraulics to lower the flatbed, so that your vehicle can be easily loaded on the truck, without any damage.

Besides helping in emergencies, Long Island Towing services also offer Long Island Towing facilities to vehicles that are illegally parked. These illegally parked vehicles are towed away by Long Island Towing once you make a phone call to Long Island Towing. Towing in NY will claim the charges for towing away such illegally parked vehicles from the owner of the vehicle.

Even lenders benefit from the services of Long Island Towing services. This is a towing service in Long Island NY that readily lends their towing services to lenders who have to repossess their vehicles.

In times of economic crisis, many lenders find it difficult to collect monthly payments from people who have borrowed money to buy vehicles from them. In such cases, though the lender doesn’t actually like it, they hire the services of Long Island Towing to repossess the vehicle on a loan.

A phone call is all the lender has to make to Long Island Towing, who immediately sends over their Long Island Towing truck to haul the vehicle to the lender.

So besides offering 24 hour service, Long Island Towing services also helps people get rid of suspicious and illegally parked vehicles and lenders in the repossessing of their vehicles.

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